February’s snow – magic moments over the years

A dusting of snow on the parterre

Morning magic

I must admit I was excited at the prospect of a rare snowfall here in West Cornwall over the last  weeks. A dusting of those magical icy crystals does add an adventurous spice to our normally subtropical climate and when I opened the front door on the predicted morning? Well there was definitely a powdery dusting of the white magic clothing the Parterre in the Courtyard but I don’t think we had been transported to Narnia!

The snow came as a shock to Spud-Cat of course!

Spud is a Cornish cat after all and I don’t think he’d really seen snow falling before. He was shocked after calling me for his customary dawn launch to discover the snow and stopped dead in his tracks before turning on his paws and retreating straight back indoors to asses the situation.  He did puck up his courage later on though and followed me amongst the big downy soft snowflakes swirling around our garden as I took a short video for our Facebook page.

Alas the snow didn’t settle and every white vestige had vanished by lunchtime but we nearly had Narnia – well at least in my over stretched imagination!


Spring days and snow in the weather forecast

I’m talking about the weather here of course – the favourite British subject – and this week we’ve had plenty to talk about, as we swung from spring daffodils to snowstorms and back again. The TV weather forecast has become an uncertain “who done it” or perhaps I should say “what will it do” this February with every twist and turn of the Jet stream allowing the weather fronts to sail in towards us.

Spring daffodils before the snow

Two days before the snow and our spring Daffodils were bathed in sunshine


So I thought it would be fun to look back over the last snowfalls we’ve had here in Cornwall and I scrolled back through some very old blogs in the previous Ednovean Diaries (2009 – 2016 on Blogger) to pick out a few snowy scenes – not quite the great blizzard but lovely memories from over the years here!



Looking back over previous snow falls here in West Cornwall

January 2010

View over St Micheal's Mount in the snow 2010


Our venerable digital camera – a Canon Powershot, has worked hard for us over the years and first recorded snow here in 2009.Our world took on a mysterious leaden light and again in January 2010 We woke up to snow on a serious enough scale to bring everything to a halt here with the horses trapped in their stables (as we didn’t want to risk them slipping on the ice on the way to the fields.) We did take a fabulous walk through the snowy landscape around Perranuthnoe that January though and I think there is nothing better than the soft muffled crunch of feet walking in the snow.


We had a brief romantic Brush with winter in January 2013 and last saw a dusting of snow here at Ednovean farm in February 2015.

We’ve never really experienced Narnia the fabled Beast from the East came to call and added a little bit of magic in our days.

2018 and the Beast from the East comes to call


February snowfall in Cornwall - Farmhouse


What a shock we had later in 2018 when February’s golden days turned to snow and ice and we experienced life with  the Beast from the East arrived – I got some great snaps of the garden though!

powdery snow on bare branches

This week at Ednovean farm

February’s  last dalliance of winter has continued this week but we’ve had some afternoon of bright glittering sunshine again and I was quite pleased with this snap of our home at Ednovean Farm, after our little piece of winter magic!

Ivy-clad Farmhouse with formal french style parterre - Ednovean Farm

Ednovean Farm


Snow Update for 2019

As march dawns today  I can report this February in Cornwall we had a heat wave instead of snow! Ah well I can look back over the snaps 🙂


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