exotic palms in the ednovean farm gardne with views to st michael's mountThe gardens at Ednovean Farm


Garden lovers will enjoy our bed and breakfast set in the subtropical gardens overlooking the sea at Ednovean farm, that combine formal parterres and courtyards with sweeping open lawns to be explored and tranquil spots to sit and dream.

From the year 2000 we started landscaping the old farmyards to build a garden to settle our home more firmly into the Cornish landscape and to create a garden that our Bed and Breakfast guest could enjoy throughout the year.

We started in the old farmyard of Ednovean Farm to create a perfect setting for holidays for Garden lovers

“Exotic planting and breathtaking sea views bring a sense of the Italian Riviera to this magical Cornish garden” (page 104) Homes and Gardens September 2015

The Mediterranean courtyard gardensMediterranean courtyards box parterre, fountain and date palms

In 2000, the old farmyard was crafted into a series of sheltered courtyard gardens, under the guidance of the professional garden designer Ian Lowe in 2000. Now the courtyards are softened by flamboyant Date palms and fig trees encompassing a central parterre and fountain flanked by terracotta pots filled with lavender, lilies, box topiary and standard Bay trees.

The warm enclosed Mediterranean style courtyard spaces filled with the scent of herbs open out onto a terrace and lawns with sweeping sea views over Mounts Bay beyond St Michael’s Mount, with Penzance, Newlyn and Mousehole across the bay for our luxury Bed and Breakfast guests.

Formal box topiary in terracotta pots“Paradise with Italian Style. This flamboyant and dramatic garden set on a Cornish hillside teams a wealth of thriving exotic plants with a taste of the Med”  October 17th 2016 Garden News

The lawns and Italian Garden

Lush garden with Lutyens benchThe natural grassy terrace above Mounts Bay, leads in turn to the Italian garden – a series of warm enclosed lawned gardens opening from the dramatic central avenues to reveal classical statues and flamboyant Date Palms. Paths twine around the garden for our Bed and Breakfast guests to explore leading to and from a Gravel border with an exotic mix of succulents, Phormium, Palms and grasses, basking in the summer’s sun before finally meandering to four Olive Trees and a secret patio

“In fact convincing yourself that you were standing on a Tuscan Terrace or basking in the garden in Provence would take only moments if it were not for the glorious views of Cornwall, encompassing St Michael’s Mount, on the hills east of Penzance and overlooking the crescent of Mounts Bay” Period Living 

Private terraces for our bed and breakfast guestsPrivate bedroom garden overlooking formal garden and sea view

With relaxing holidays for Garden lovers in mind, each bedroom of our luxury bed and Breakfast has its own terrace or courtyards filled with geraniums reached via French doors from the bedrooms,.

Throughout the garden, secret corners hold table and chairs and simple benches to invite our guests to relax.

The rhythmic murmur of the sea seems loudest in the garden combined with the occasional chimes from the church clock drifting across our fields from the village below. Isn’t the garden a perfect to spend precious moments away from the world.

This month’s  garden diary for Ednovean Farm


A spring longing fulfilled – the February garden diary

Combining sub tropical and spring flowers - ednovean farm gardenAs the days start to lengthen and spring stirs again in the garden it is impossible not to feel little anticipation for the year to come. The first early morning bird song to break the dawn, the flow of bright yellow daffodils that embraces the garden and lends the first sweet scents to the air; the lengthening evenings that tempt me to linger outside for just a little while longer -all are the familiar markers of spring and yet I greet them with renewed wonder each year.

Let me show you the garden at Ednovean farm and some of the changes we have made this spring as we move a little longer along the season’s pathway.

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A small picture gallery of the Ednovean Farm Gardens follow the link above for the latest snaps