The B&B Breakfast – a peek into the kitchen

The day in a B&B starts with a full english breakfstOne thing that puts the Breakfast “B” into B&B is the full British Breakfast to start the morning. It must be said the full English cooked Breakfast is mostly a holiday treat now in the British Isle for a more leisurely start to the day for guests, as the gulls call outside and the scent of the sea is in the air.

The other morning our guests arrived at nicely paced intervals and so I was able to take a few snaps of the breakfast, as I cooked while our guests chatted over their first course around the long farmhouse table. Maybe my gallery of photos below will inspire you to try one!

A full english breakfast with poached eggs, bacon, tomatoes and mushrooms served at Ednovean FarmLast year I blogged about cooking breakfast with some (I hope) helpful tips for cooking it in “Breakfast at Ednovean Farm” if I’ve inspired you to cook the traditional Breakfast or even Brunch with the peek into the Ednovean kitchen today.

I keep things simple for a Farmhouse Breakfast but I do look for the very best local ingredient with the freshest free range eggs I can find, you really can tell the difference!

I hope you have a wonderful week and will be visiting to sample my Breakfast very soon of course!

About Christine Taylor

Charles and Christine Taylor have hosted Luxury Bed and Breakfast at Ednovean Farm Nr Penzance in West Cornwall since 1991 and live there with three cats and eight horses including a Spanish Stallion called Danni. Christine writes a weekly blog about life on the farm and garden with an occasional series about places of interest in West Cornwall

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