Storms and Valentines

Cat on a bench in a rfemal courtyard garden Ednovean Farm

After the storm and s[ud-Cat was the first to find a sunny spot in the courtyard for the morning

We have had such a week that ranged from ferocious storms to gentle calm in the run up to Valentine’s day. This week I spotted the first pale pink cherry blossoms starting to break today, as I passed a farmhouse garden on Danni  in Rosudgeon riding along the narrow ancient lanes edged with moss covered banks studded with primroses. I seemed that  no sooner had I written my last blog following the steady step of spring than storm Imogen scorched in to the British isle bringing wind gust of up to 90 miles and hour and sixty foot waves to be seen just off of St Ives.

This time I thought I really would make an effort to captures an impression of the relentless ferocious rhythm to the seas that these storms bring and headed down into our local village of Perranuthnoe to visit the local beach.

Storm Imogen

storm imogen perranuthnoe low tide

Storm Imogen Perranuthnoe beach

At first I was still sheltered by the houses and strolled down passed the cottages – that was until I reached the slipway on to the beach and the full force of the wind hit me along with a trillion flying specks of sand. I could sea Perranuthnoe’s normally tranquil stretch of sand stretching below me at low tide, I quickly realised that the metal safety rail on the slipway would be my nearest anchor and I took one snap of the light bouncing of off the water, before tucking my camera safely back into my coat. The next day I found some superb images of the frankly raging seas, to share on our facebook page that were taken by the talented local photographers and concluded they had either very long lenses or stronger resistance to sand scour! Our guest that weekend had a superb time storm watching though experiencing the primitive forces of nature from the safety of a Cornish harbour side pub.

After the storm

After the storm had blasted its way through Cornwall this week, we woke up to a calm, tranquil morning and after gathering up a few Daffodil flowers broken by the storm I slipped into the Italian Garden for a few minutes to enjoy the still lucid green light and with it the feeling of peace that all was well once again with the world.

As the birds began to sing again I could hear the distant rustle of the sea and was only vaguely away of a cockerel crowing down in the village to celebrate the new day


Danilon the Spanish stallion

Danilon feb

Danilon our Spanish Stallion working in hand in our car park



One day each week I prefer to work with our Spanish stallion Danni in hand, in a series of exercises aimed at improving his suppleness and athletic ability that build to the final exercise which is know as Piaffe where he proves his lightness and collection by trotting on the spot beside me. The only downside to this is that I walk as far as Danni on these occasions! This week he was snapped by Niki Groves as he worked in our car park. I hope you enjoy the pictures I know our guest love to visit Danni and his sons in our stables when they stay with us

Preparing for Valentines

Ah but back to B&B news and Valentines came around again, in a year I understand is a leap year too and as an incurable romantic I prepared the rooms with beautiful roses and heart shape chocolates and this week I took a few snaps of the Apricot bedroom to celebrate my mornings work!

I was thrilled to read in our visitor’s book later that it was “A perfect Valentines retreat!”

About Christine Taylor

Charles and Christine Taylor have hosted Luxury Bed and Breakfast at Ednovean Farm Nr Penzance in West Cornwall since 1991 and live there with three cats and eight horses including a Spanish Stallion called Danni. Ednovean Farm has been awarded AA five star gold for Bed and breakfast and is included in The Michelin Guide and The Alastair Sawday Guide . The Farmhouse and gardens has been featured in BBC Homes and Antiques, Homes and Gardens. Period Living and 25 Beautiful Homes as well as being used as a film and photo shoot location. Christine writes a weekly blog about life on the farm and garden with an occasional series about places of interest in West Cornwall concentrating on those off the beaten track places atha only the locals find

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