St Michael’s Mount with Fish and Chips

We enjoyed traditional Fish and chips sitting on the terrace of teh Godolphin Arms in Marazion the other eveningWe enjoyed watching the ever changing tide around St Michael’s Mount and the sunset, from the terrace of The Godolphin Arms in Marazion, along with a seaside supper of traditional Fish and Chips the other evening.

Our evening was made even more special by the beautiful sailing boat moored just off of the mount but for once I had forgotten the camera and for me the sight of the elegant lugger sitting, on the mirror calm seas like a ghost of the past and so I deposited Charles at the Godolphin and quickly drove took the five minutes home to retrieve the camera.

Fish and Chips with a view

We sat and watched people walk along the causeway towards St Michael's Mount from our table

We watched people walking across the causeway to the Mount from our table in the last golden sunshine of the evening

Charles was had found a table and a glass of cool beer, comfortably on the middle terrace by the time I had returned and so we ate supper at looking down on the causeway to Mount as the tide slowly receded from the worn granite cobbles.

A lugger moored just off of Marazion beach

A Marazion Gig making its way passed the Lugger beside the still busy beach

The beach below was a hive of activity with gig rowers pulling out from the sands and families strolling along the tide line. And all of them stopped to admire the elegant lugger visiting the bay. Occasionally small groups would form at the end of the causeway with the Mount tantalisingly out of reach cut off by the sea until eventually the tide fell far enough for the first paddlers to start to cross to the Mount so romantic and majestic as dusk approached.

And the fish and chips? The fish had a light crispy batter and the chips were perfectly cooked what more can I say. We had a great view over the sea and a sunset for £12.50 plus £2.00 car park charge. Click here for the menu

Sunset from the beach

The susnet reflection on the water in Mounts bay with Marazion Beach

Walkers at sunset on Marazion beach

We wandered back to the car and on down on to the beach to sit on the sea wall, that still held the heat of the day, as the sun finally set and we finally left the happy group of beach goers who stayed still reluctant to leave the rippling sea.

The Grayhound sailing lugger

The Luggger "Grayhound" moored beside St michael's Mount at duskMuch later, I looked up the ship that had so intrigued and enchanted me for the evening and found she plies around the coast taking small loads of cargo and will take passengers and sailing students. I  enjoyed looking over their web site The Grayhound Lugger Sailing 

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