Sennen Beach – a Sunday treat

Sennen Beach at low tideWe managed to squeeze in a picnic at Sennen beach for a relaxing treat this Sunday and despite a less than promising weather forecast, we had a wonderful afternoon.

Sennen is the fabulous stretch of soft white sands that lies looking impossible beautiful between the Wolf Rock lighthouse, that guards Land’s End to the west and the jutting promontory of Cape Cornwall to the east.

We parked high above the beach today, away from the busy village and made our way down thorough the soft tumbling dunes clothed in Marran grass to the beach below.

Sennen – first choose your spot for a picnic!

View over Sennen Beach stretching at low tide to Gwenver

The fabulous view down over the beaches from the top car park

I had hoped to persuade Charles to walk along to the secret beach at Gwinveor that I featured in my twelve secret coves but he balked at the thought, complaining we wouldn’t have lunch until there ‘o clock if we walked there, so we compromised and settled in his usual favourite spot under the heathland at the quiet eastern end of Sennen beach.

Sennen Beach at low tide

Soft seductive white sands and Thermos tea

Thermos tea and empty beach the mainstay of a british picnicSoon towels were spread out on the soft seductive sands and steaming beach-tea was poured from our thermos and we settled down to munch sandwiches and watch the world go by and the lifeguards making brave attempts to keep the population safe which was something akin to herding cats.

There’s a great little book out at the moment set in Sennen called “Bilbo the Surf lifeguard dog” There’s a great anecdote of how  he encouraged people out of the rip tides without too much fuss by telling them that was where the Weaver fish lived!” Maybe they need to find a shark these days!

Snuggling into the soft, seductive, white sands to doze after lunch with every sound almost obliterated by the roar of the distant seas, so I totally missed the Para glider that landed just beside us with a sharply crackling parachute until it was too late and the owner was cooling collecting his gear beside us. As a passing wag remarked “Must be the Cadbury’s Milk Tray man!” Alas there was no sign of chocolate though!

Strangely we stayed in a perfect patch of sunshine for the afternoon, while Cape Cornwall to our east remained sulkily in the shade

The beach was slowly reclaimed by the sea

Much, much later when the sea started to reclaim the beach I walked the tide line with the icy cold waters lapping over my toes towards Gwinveor and then turned back towards Sennen where the beach nearer to the village was tightly packed with visitors. Here earnest fathers were digging enormous pits or constructing mega fortifications in the sand and budding surfers packed the waves in glossy black wet suits so it was a relief to turn and wander back towards our picnic spot, just as the sun touched the jutting landmark of Cape Cornwall.

Approaching high tide - Sennen

A long climb but sad to leave!

When I got back Charles had put his solitary sojourn to go use and studied the terrain back to the car park, high above the beach and had spotted a route up behind the lifeguards hut path, that he thought might be easier to take, than the steep route we had excitedly slipped and slithered down earlier in the day. So back from our quiet haven we tramped across the soft pale sands, each step taking us nearer to the crowds at the eastern end before turning up into the dunes pausing only every now and again to look back down to say goodbye and treasure the memory of a picnic on Sennen beach.


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