Glimpses of the sea

winter view of the Penzance LidoIt is extraordinary how very often it is those sudden unexpected glimpses of the sea that are the most exciting – particular markers in our journeys and hints of a day to come.  Rather like the tantalising first ones I used to have on a tediously long childhood car journeys chanting “are we there yet!” until my beleaguered parents set me to scanning the countryside for the first tantalising glimpse of a blue, the first glimpse of the sea is somehow rather special. This week two although we live within sight of it these days two special glimpses of the sea  have stayed in my mind to share with you for this week’s blog

The sea beside Penzance


An addictive longing to see the sea has never left me and so each time we drive into Penzance I scan the wall just as it drops lower beyond the railway track to reveal the harbour with the church on the horizon below.


I wasn’t disappointed this week and saw the new Scillies supply ship setting out bravely into huge sea ploughing a determined line passed the lighthouse with white-topped waves breaking up her slap sides. We couldn’t stop there of course and I doubt if the traffic warden would have appreciated the exciting idea that I had seen a boat “Really a boat leaving a harbour how novel” so it was later on the Promenade that we parked on our way to a supermarket where our friends had given us a tip-off about surprisingly good Smoked salmon.

slipway to sea - Penzance promenade

The Jubilee Pool in winter


waves running beside the Jubilee Pool


I walked back to the Jubilee pool where work is still going on for installation of the geothermal heating with a steady clack, clack, clack, of the drill. Ah but the waves were fabulous: – huge, rolling, rhythmic, mountains that were already breaking over the railing in places to drench the pavement. So I planned carefully where to stand and chose a sheltered corner for my snap, as the waves rolling along the side of the pool making it look every inch of a glamorous seagoing thirties ocean liner. Just as I clicked the shutter I caught the tail of spray lifting over the wall beside me and stepped back briskly before an impromptu drenching – there is only so much sea that I like in January!


Maybe there will be Kite surfers


This Sunday brought us gales and we chose the coat road up passed the dunes to Marazion and I had brought the camera with me in the hope of capturing some dazzling wind surfers – probably a vain hope as the sort of thing I imagined need specialist lenses and at least some idea about reading the camera instructions but hey ho it is good to dream! Strangely the wind and kite surfers had sensibly grounded themselves for the day yet as we drove along the front beside the marshes the dunes parted and I could see a sleek beautiful wave heading like an express train to the beach trailing white vapour – a perfect vignette but we couldn’t stop of course as the local short parking there is now a deserted windswept cycle lane. Still Charles edged the car good humouredly into a corner in the square when we reached Marazion for me to take a couple of snaps to add to my Penwith Tour blog and assured me he would be happy examining the antique shop windows while I tried for a photo!

Car parking in Marazion Town square



I headed down a little alley to the boat landing stage passing a young couple taking the same route and returning groups of people heavily wrapped in coats and scarves, making their way back from an invigorating seaside walk before Sunday lunch. There was still one bicycle lashed to the railing there, positioned over the manhole cover that gave me so much angst about using the shot for our Exploring page.


a visit to the sea - St Michael's Mount in winter


The sea lay tranquil in this sheltered corner and the Mounts stood out in silhouette against the light, with the jetty jutting starkly out into the silvery water. I dallied a few minutes there, embraced by the scent of the sea before moving away to leave the young couple to their companionship on a winter morning beside the sea.

silver light on the sea

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