March and April – a spring garden diary

spring raindrops on pink tulip - spring gardenSomehow the days have drifted on lately and I haven’t written my usual garden diary lately for the deliciously unpredictable yet inspiring months of spring. So let me to show you around the garden again this week, following two months that has seen the first precious garden shoots unfurling to glossy green leaves and lusciously coloured flowers we have settled down to manicure the garden again, ready for the summer months to come.


A wander through the gardens at Ednovean Farm with a camera


Exotic pinky terracotta pendulous flower

Yuccoides beschorneria

Sometimes I like to wander around the Ednovean garden in the evening with the camera accompanied by Spud-cat the inveterate or should I say, hopeful mouser and capture the garden as the mood changes with the seasons.


close up of white spring flower


White cat sitting on step near white flower


I usually post these updates, gathered with the assistance of Spud of course, on our Facebook page each day and recently I even read the camera instructions (I know it is a little late for that!) and found the strange little flower icon I had puzzled over was actually a micro lens on the camera which has allowed me to take some different snaps of the spring flowers for you.


bluebells - spring flowers

Delicate haze of morning dew on a Bluebell


Our garden at Ednovean Farm has sailed on though the capricious spring weather quite unperturbed in its own micro climate, with the tide yellow of daffodils giving way to a new love affair with Tulips.


Pink tulip - spring garden Ednovean Farm


Time spent working in the borders this spring, has been accompanied by the restful lullaby of the waves on the beach way below us in the valley and wrapped in the ever-present bird song, with the gentle scent of newly mown grass hanging in the air.


A love affair with Tulips


cat walking passed pot of tulips

Maybe it is my age but I developed a love affair with Tulips this year, carefully planted above badger and bunny height, in tall pots crammed for dramatic counterpoint to the garden.

Red Tulips - spring garden flower

Looking back to last springs project


Pain stone and cobbled path leading to an open lawn

It doesn’t seem possible that it was a year  ago when I showed you the new path that we had made last April hoping to give a new feel and energy to the Italian Garden and lead our guests imagination onwards to explore the depths for the garden from a new perspective.

These days it seems every hedge in the Italian Garden is home to a nest of birds with delicate cheeping hinting at their carefully conceal presence as we stroll through under the watchful eyes of the parent birds.

Agave beside a gravel path

Well the new entrance has settled into the garden landscape now, as has our version of a paradise or as I christened it as I salvaged plants materials and even film props to make it – our recycled garden.

Blue Miscari besdie a grden entrance spring garden at Ednovean farm

Formal path flanked with topiary box in a garden room


New plans for our garden


Cat sitting on granite post - garden walk with catThere are always new plans!  Charles after much debate has decided to risk making a Pottage in the last remaining garden square – so far it is clothed in lengths of string and a wish list but hope springs eternally and the garden is a lifelong love affair to linger over and stroll through and enjoy and I hope you’ve enjoyed this months garden diary too.



This spring in our garden

This March and April we have swung quite dizzily from summer days of basking in summer warmth to searching for discarded jumpers in freezing hailstones and back again – yet the excitement of watching natures colour palette slowly change from the early yellows to encompass the hot shades of summer was undiminished as ever this year as new life returns again to our garden.

Roses and wine glass on garden supper table

Enjoying the garden with al fresco supper at the end of the day and summer dreams


About Christine Taylor

Christine has written a weekly blog about life at Ednovean Farm and interesting places to visit in West Cornwall for over ten years now, concentrating on those off the beaten track places that only the locals find. Charles and Christine Taylor have hosted Luxury Bed and Breakfast at Ednovean Farm Nr Penzance in West Cornwall since 1991 and live there with three cats and five horses, including a Spanish Stallion called Danni. Ednovean Farm has been awarded AA five star gold for Bed and breakfast and is included in The Michelin Guide and The Alastair Sawday Guide . The Farmhouse and gardens has been featured in BBC Homes and Antiques, Homes and Gardens. Period Living and 25 Beautiful Homes as well as being used as a film and photo shoot location.

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