Coastal footpath Zennor to Gurnard’s Head

A spring walk to Gurnard's head along an unspoilt coastline

A spring walk to Gurnard’s head along an unspoilt coastline

Spring time is a wonderful time to explore the coastal footpath and immerse yourself in the new life coming to the coastal stoop and yet still see the historic surviving traces of man’s activity exposed before it is enveloped by the cocoon of summer vegetation hides them for another year. A few years ago now we had the opportunity to walk the coast footpath from the pretty atmospheric village of Zennor on a glorious spring day and below you will find some snaps from our walk around to the great jutting granite headland of Gurnards Head.

A secluded hidden cove in West cornwall near to Zennor

We spotted the first secluded sandy cove below us as we started our walk

Walking from Zennor

From the idyllic granite village of Zennor, we followed a stream exotically clothed with lush Gunnera down to the coast with the glimpse of a pretty sandy cove, before setting out with a steady tread, with the fresh sea air so sweet and clean wafting in from the Atlantic.


Following the clifftop to Gurnard’s Head

The massive granite cliffs along this walk are rich with the remains of old mine working and there’s even an old mill standing beside a small waterfall in a shallow river valley. Look out for the mine adits still carrying water from the lost tin mines down to the sea and the remains of an old count house at Carnellow Point before tackling the last section of the walk to Gurnards head juts defiantly out into the ocean.

Exploring Gurnard’s Head

We explored Gurnards Head taking our choice from the  well worn paths along the spine and in doing so we passed the remains of an Iron Age defensive ditch at the narrow access leading to the site of an Iron Age Fort.

A spring walk to Gurnard's head along an unspoilt coastline

A spring walk to Gurnard’s head along an unspoilt coastline


Picnic or Pub?

We found a sheltered spot to enjoy our sandwiches and enjoyed immersing ourselves in the sounds of the sea crashing on to the cliff around us but another option would be to turn inland for a rather good pub lunch at the Gurnard’s head Inn Try this walking guide for exact instruction leading to a rewarding pint and pub lunch!

For a downloadable map and full walking directions try iwalk Cornwall Zennor to Gurnard’s Head guide for step by step instructions.

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