The changing face of Autumn in the garden

The Autumn leaves still frame the arbourI’ve come to treasure the changing face of autumn in the garden – the mellow shades of gold and russet that deck the leaves, the low subtle light and the ever-changing skies.

Now is the time for planning a little bit for the promise of warmer days to come when winter gives way to spring, by filling pots with new bulbs.

October’s autumn days in the garden

House and garden in the Autumn - October in the garden

October’s mellow autumn evenings

“The Autumn garden – Mellow shades of gold and russet”


Pampass plumes at sunset - october garden

A path lined with pampas makes a dramatic entrance to the main lawn

Spring changes and Autumn developments in the garden

We made a new entrance into the Italian Garden this spring and it has given us an unexpected bonus this autumn.


Trees arching over a garden pathTiny creamy white elaeagnus flowers


The tiny white flowers that nestle almost unnoticed in the dark glossy foliage of the of the arbour type archway that has formed  has the loveliest scent that is fleetingly held captive by the leaves along the path before being gently wafted across the garden on the slightest breeze.


A new spot for the discus Thrower


Garden opening framing a statue of a Discus thrower

Finally in position, I hope the Discus thrower will tempt our guests to explore the side gardens

With trepidation we gently lifted him down and then the real fun began of moving the base on a trusty vintage sack-truck. Twenty minutes of earnest endeavour and good natured heaving later, we had positioned him centre stage in front of a entrance to one of the first gardens. I hope his gently weathered features will tempt our guests from the main aisle to start to explore the five sub gardens set within the sheltering hedges.

Statue of the Discus thrower

The first garden within the Italian Garden

To be honest, we had last moved this weighty statue back in the year 2000 when we set up the Italian garden, so I was quite surprised that we could still lift him after the passage of the years.

October time to prepare for next year

Autumn light on garden palms

European Fan palms frame the main entrance welcoming us home in the low autumn sunshine


October is a great month to take the garden gently by the hand and lead it groomed and prepared into the New Year to come – well that is the hope anyway but the reality?

Autumn garden table

A Chrysanthemum in a pot lifts a supper table


Each year I’ve slowly moved my gardening jobs’ forward, tidying and trimming summers abundant growth; Planning and squinting through the garden with half closed eyes – hoping to steal a march on the spring – it never works of course!

Autumn leaves on a lawn

Mellow autumn colour in the courtyard garden


Octobers garden gate and foliage

October and the autumn still has a entrance welcome

November has brought a sharp contrast to the mellow days in October this year with dark dramatic skies for the closing days of autumn. I wonder what the days will bring!

Formal garden with stormy November sky

Dramatic November days

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