A visit to Penzance Harbour

The long expanse of the granite Albert pier at Penzance Haarbour

Albert Pier part of Penzance Harbour

With an hour to spare in Penzance the other day I headed down towards the harbour to take a few elusive photos for my blog – in my last walk around Penzance I explored more of the streets, notable Chapel Street but didn’t quite reach the water, so today I set off to visit the sea! The trouble was of course the tide was out and the light a little, shall we say challenging but this is how holiday days can look too sometimes, so I carried on in search of snaps.

As I reached the dry dock I had to pause for a moment as car drivers vied to take the narrow cobbled lane up into Chapel Street and I could see all that was left was a few desultory mounds in the silt bottom, that told of bait diggers at work before they went fishing and the other side of the road the smaller pleasure boats lying on their sides. Still I had an hours lunch break from an SEO course and believe me the fresh air was a treat after a morning indoors so I walked on over the Ross bridge and felt the rhythmic vibration of the passing cars through my feet as I walked accompanied by the audible clatter from the road before crossing to the larger working harbour. Some passers by heading for the Promenade paused smiling, for me to take photos.

There was hardly a soul in site as I followed the granite pier passed the trawlers and pleasure boats; ocean yachts and pirate ships (no really tours available!) with a tangle of ropes straining tight over silky smooth water. Snatches of conversation drifted up from the boats below, confidences discussed and information shared came floating up from below me as I passed by detached and almost unseen from their world and not part of the watery world below

Finally the clamour of boats slipped away and I walked on to the near empty Albert pier drawn by the light house standing staunchly over Mounts bay. This is where the Scillonian docks every evening after her daily trips to the Scilly Isles and later when she docks the pier will again be a hive of activity, a jostle passengers and luggage mixed among the sea men, in an almost tangible air of excitement, maybe regret for holidays over or excitement for another journey to come. But for now it was still and almost empty save for the two fishermen I passed  along the way who were taking photos of themselves holding two fish aloft – maybe they were my bait diggers and as I reached the end, two young wet suit clad men where jumping from the walls taking turns to video each other. I gingerly eased beyond the lighthouse to see if there was a better shot but only saw a sailing boat moored just off of Mousehole so I ambled back.

The smell of the sea, the time worn granite, the reflection of Penzance in the dark water, they had all done their work and I felt relaxed and refreshed as I went back to my course about how to talk to Google nicely! I wonder if you will see the difference today as I’ve compressed the photos as advised by Sioban of DPN Digital Peninsular network so my blog should load ultra fast………..maybe.!! Have a wonderful week and don’t forget to dream of Cornwall

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